About Us

Integrity Platform is a relatively new organization that was formed as a product of a project (National Integrity System Support – NIS project) implemented by African Institute of Corporate Citizenship (AICC) and Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN). Its experience in implementation of anti-corruption projects is relatively modest but has great potential to escalate to larger projects based on the expertise available and the momentum gained during the initial NIS project. In recent years IP has spearheaded advocacy on governance reforms towards strengthening the National Integrity System during which key governance institutions in government, business sector and civil society have been engaged. IP has also promoted awareness of the cost of corruption through media programs such as debates and special radio and television programs. IP has partnered with other organizations such as OXFAM Malawi to carry out Public Audit Monitoring. In recent months IP has trained investigative journalists and even supported publishing of investigative reports through local and international news outlets. In the past 4 years IP has been responsible for the local dissemination of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI). Integrity Platform has also engaged tertiary institutions such as Mzuzu University and Chancellor College in awareness and budget tracking activities.


Working together with individuals and institutions at all levels of the Malawi society and beyond to promote integrity through evidence-based advocacy and citizen empowerment


The membership of Integrity Platform through the Annual General Meeting (AGM) are the supreme policy making body and through this forum a Board of Directors is elected to run the affairs of the organization. Presently the Board has 5 elected and 2 co-opted members who constitute its Board of Directors. The organization accounts to its constituents through Annual General Meetings and periodic board meetings. The organization also circulates periodic reports and progress updates through emails. A Facebook page helps to update and engage with other constituents as a social media platform.More details about IP’s transparency and accountability mechanisms can be found in documents located under “DOWNLOADS” Menu.