SmartHR is a leading Human Resources Management System developed, distributed and supported in South Africa.  The system is packed with features, including but not limited to:

    SmartHR overlays its consolidated database with a suite of productivity tools that perform even complex HR tasks quickly and easily. SmartHR does almost all the work for you. Its 5 modules – people administration, talent management, performance management, time and attendance, and payroll management – cover the workforce management needs of any organisation, large or small.


    SmartHR’s workflow system lets you model and automate your HR processes so that correct procedures are followed and required approvals are received for every HR transaction without fail. Configure each workflow to start when a nominated event takes place or schedule them to run at a specified date and time. Workflows prompt employees for required input or to complete tasks, and alert users and managers to important events.

    Use SmartHR’s preinstalled, best-practice workflow templates or create new ones to cater to your unique requirements.


    Modern employees demand instant communication. SmartHR delivers. Its integrated communication framework can transmit any document or report it produces instantly without having to fire up a separate application or device. It also sends notifications and alerts to its users and managers by email or SMS, keeping them informed of every event that affects them as it happens.


    Each SmartHR module is engineered to perform a set of specialised HR tasks with flawless precision. But they all work on the same database and communicate with each other seamlessly. That continuity of workflow lets you get more done in less time, eliminating the bottlenecks found in manual systems or unintegrated applications. SmartHR also integrates with your line-of-business applications to extract real-time data fresh from the source – such as biometric clock machines. So you’ll spend even less of your valuable time waiting for information, or capturing and updating records.


    Managing compliance shouldn’t take the focus off your mission. SmartHR is programmed to adhere to all applicable South African labour law requirements – guaranteed. It virtually eliminates the risk of noncompliance because it automatically manages record keeping and required reporting for employee relations, equity, health and safety, training accreditation and more.


    SmartHR’s database and programs are designed to permit virtually unlimited scalability without performance loss. Whether you’re an SME with 25 employees or a large multinational with over 20,000 workers, it’ll service your requests continuously, instantly and without fail.


    SmartHR will adapt and evolve with your growing needs. It’s incredibly flexible, allowing you to add or remove modules, or change features to meet new requirements. Further customise the system with configuration forms and fields, unique workflows, automation and custom reporting.


    You can access SmartHR outside your company through web and mobile technology. No matter where you are, you can carry out any HR task – even query and analyse your workforce data – quickly over the Internet.


    SmartHR keeps its data secure. You’ll have full control over who can access your HR data and what they can do with it. Features such as full audit trails, encrypted passwords, and Active Directory integration provide robust protection that meets today’s highest security standards.