SmartHR is designed to run in a Microsoft® Windows® environment. Built on a robust SQL database, the SmartHR applications are designed for HR professionals.

The client-server applications have the highest level of functionality to allow those with access permissions to add, edit and delete data in the database.

SmartHR is 100% Microsoft compatible and compliant and utilises the latest technology including: .NET, Single user/multi user, Standalone/Multi site, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft MSDE, Microsoft SQL Express, Microsoft Access, Runs on Windows NT, Citrix/Terminal Services compatible, Microsoft Internet Explorer 9+ for the web-based, components, ODBC Compatible, Compatible with Microsoft Exchange/Outlook, Lotus Notes or any Windows MAPI/SMTP compliant email client.

SmartHR database environment

SmartHR is compatible with all Microsoft® SQL databases from 2005 and above, but the latest options are listed below:

  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 (or Express)
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2008 R2 (or Express)
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2012 (or Express)
  • Microsoft® SQL Server 2014 (or Express)

We recommend that the database runs on a dedicated server or a server that will require only infrequent access by other applications. However, if a high capacity server is used, a dedicated server is NOT required and the SQL server may contain other databases without affecting performance. This means that the SQL database may reside on a server currently in place.
The MS SQL Express database option is generally used when the client wants to avoid purchasing an SQL Server license.
Microsoft SQL Express is a free, redistributable version of SQL Server that can be downloaded from the Microsoft SQL Server Web site. The Express version incorporates the same functionality as the SQL Server database version including workflow. Please be aware of the size limitations of SQL Express.

Local Area Networks (LAN)

SmartHR can be installed in the following network environments:

  • Microsoft® Windows (TCP/IP), Microsoft® Terminal Services and Citrix®
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Clients considering operating SmartHR in a WAN environment must ensure sufficient communication speeds. Alternatively, a Microsoft® Terminal Server environment can be considered.