SmartHR doesn’t just help you administer employees. It sets new standards for workforce management through a fluid feedback system.

SmartHR creates a constant ripple effect of improvement for:

  • HR practitioners. Built exclusively for the HR practitioner, SmartHR’s desktop application looks and functions like Microsoft Outlook. Power users – like HR staff – will enjoy the speed, features and responsiveness they need to control even the most complex HR framework. They can maintain HR master data, policies, business rules and procedures that will determine how talent is managed and motivated throughout your organisation.
  • Managers and employees. SmartHR delivers typical HR services directly to managers and employees through its self-service portal. Performance reviews, leave requests, pay queries and more are available instantly from any standard web browser. At the same time, SmartHR’s transactions modules – like Time and Attendance – capture realtime operational information into its database.
  • Executives and decision makers. With SmartHR’s Business Intelligence tools, executives and decision makers can delve into its rich information repository to gain a deep understanding of your workforce behaviours. They can fine tune policies, procedures and talent requirements that can be fed back into the core to create a constant cycle of improvement.