People data comes alive with SmartHR’s reporting and analytical tools. Comprehensive, real-time HR information – available in any document format, dynamic on-screen metrics, or device-ready dashboards – turns previously unseen data into a panoramic view of workforce performance. Now you can base business-critical decisions on hard facts instead of vague estimates.

  • On-screen Filters. Set filters for any report criteria or data view to produce specific results. That means less searching through information and more taking action.
  • Standard Reports. SmartHR is embedded with Crystal Reports. Its rich collection of stunningly formatted standard reports provide a wealth of insights. You can also purchase a Crystal Reports Designer license to design your own
    reports, custom-built to your needs. Or you can extract SmartHR’s data into your reporting tool of choice.
  • Business Analytics. SmartHR Business Intelligence comes with Qlikview – a world-famous analytical modeller and data visualisation tool that gives dashboard and drill-down capability to executives, empowering them to understand their people data and reach fast, meaningful decisions.
  • Compliance Reporting. Smart HR is pre-loaded with the latest statutory reporting formats and parameters.
    Instantly compile and transmit compliance reports to government and regulatory bodies.
  • Report Automation. You can schedule the reports you want to run automatically.