Leave forms are history. In an online age, high performing employees do not have the time nor the patience to chase leave forms. Similarly HR departments need to focus on strategic actions rather than low value administrative tasks and leave enquiries. Financially, leave liability and absenteeism need to be accurately managed. The SmartHR on-line leave solution efficiently and accurately manages leave in your company.

Employees and Managers can check current and future leave balances and apply for leave online. Leave types and Leave rules are easily configurable to follow your company’s policies to ensure fairness and flexibility. The workflow and communication engine ensures that SmartHR adheres to your leave approval process while keeping employee, managers and HR informed via email or SMS wherever they are. Automatic task reminders can be sent to managers to ensure everything runs smoothly Managers can see who in their team has applied for leave before approving or declining a leave application. Leave periods can be blocked off to prevent leave applications over critical times and Public holidays are automatically taken into account. Employees can attach sick notes when required.

The SmartHR leave engine has the flexibility to manage leave as a strategic HR tool for staff retention increasing leave days with years of service or awarding bonus leave. Leave policies can be applied at group or individual level. With SmartHR leave analytics your company’s leave liability can be monitored in real time. Sick leave trend reports can highlight problem areas and dramatically reduce unscheduled leave and identify sick leave abuse. In fact, just this saving could pay for the SmartHR online leave system.

An audit trail records exactly how balances were calculated to prevent any disputes.

Best of all, SmartHR online leave is part of the SmartHR HRIS platform that gives you control over Payroll, T&A and Talent Management in a single solution. SmartHR online leave is quick to implement with our team of professionals either at your premises or on the cloud. For less than R10 per month per employee can you afford not to be using SmartHR online leave?