Designed in Microsoft .NET and aligned with Microsoft Technologies, SmartHRPayroll is a world class payroll management solution, powered by Xpedia, designed to address all global labour and income tax regulations, while maintaining the flexibility required by the dynamic  business.

Our application uniquely allows for a multi-Country, multi-Location, multi-Currency and multi-Company set-up, a feature unparalleled in today’s payroll market.

A completely configurable solution, SmartHRPayroll contains comprehensive functionality, such as:

  • Accommodates any rule, requirement or calculation, regardless of complexity.
  • Enables organizations to easily define pay periods, deductions, job rules and calculations and to run multiple payrolls with specific payroll rules.
  • All payroll rules are date sensitive to the date of the pay run, executing user-defined logic, as dictated by the payment method.
  • Rule-based calculations simultaneously support multiple labour contracts, making it possible to generate a single payslip for employees with multiple jobs.
  • Payroll adjustments are automatically and accurately computed resulting in cost and time savings, as well as reduced errors.
  • Simplifies employee record setup for complex or changing payroll situations by quickly entering an unlimited number of pay codes, deductions, and benefits when setting up a new employee record.
  • Wizard-driven processes are included for calculations, payments, posting and much more.
  • Payroll Imports – Manages bulk payroll input documentation from business units, departments, regions through its import facility into the system without manual capturing actions.

And of course, it is fully integrated with the other SmartHR modules and solutions.