Do you know who is driving the success in your business?

Many organisations find performance management to be too complex and time-consuming but, can you afford not to know who your top performers are? Reliable performance reviews help employees know what is expected of them and guide retention, reward, development and succession decisions.

SmartHR automates the performance review process with generic evaluation templates that can be based on your company’s performance model or the balanced scorecard methodology. Question weighting and ratings can be configured.

It is quick and easy for managers to initiate performance reviews including 360 degree reviews to stored groups of employees. Evaluations can be sent to single or multiple participants, peers, subordinates and managers to foster a balanced view around individual performance.

Performance evaluations follow configurable work flows with participants kept informed via email or SMS at every stage. Employees complete their evaluations online with the results stored automatically on the SmartHR database. Responses can be saved and edited until submission.

Combined with rich SmartHR metrics, SmartHR analytics provides comprehensive performance reporting on dashboards and reports for any group of employees, helping you understand not only how employees are performing but why. Armed with these insights, effective development actions can be implemented to ensure your employees deliver their best.